Airflow dental hygiene treatment

At our hygiene appointments we clean your teeth using the EMS Airflow system.

This procedure uses pressurised water and fine powder that effectively removes staining whilst leaving the hard and soft tissues of the mouth unharmed. Here is a link for you to investigate exactly how this works …. you’ll love it! 

It is the most minimally invasive way of having your teeth cleaned. For all the reasons for your hygienist visit, the Airflow is the answer. The water is heated to 38⁰ which means I can clean your teeth with warmer water making the ‘cold sensitivity’ issue a thing of the past. The standard protocol for Airflow is ‘Guided Biofilm Therapy’ which allows me to see where the plaque is on your teeth and for you to see it too. If you would like to book an appointment with me, I provide direct access appointments to anyone, so please feel you can call us to book an appointment or book online.

We have a fantastic view of the marina from our clinic and so we’ve provided a couple of bistro chairs and a table for you to use to enjoy this beautiful vista while you wait for your appointment.

It’s time to book.