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Enter, Sorin and Trudy!


Dr Sorin Lakatos graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry Timisoara, Romania in 1998, and had the rare opportunity to be offered a faculty position and get involved in the scientific research on the restorative qualities of Titanium, being awarded the PhD academic title by the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timisoara in 2004.  Sorin was then very lucky to start his career doing clinical dentistry and research under the mentorship of the Faculty Dean, a famous figure in Romanian dentistry and one of the Romanian pioneers in implant dentistry.  His special interest in oral surgery and dental implants started soon after graduation, starting to build up his portfolio in 2003.  In 2007, Sorin moved to the UK and in 2010 he received the Certificate in Implant Dentistry from the University of Sheffield and Charles Clifford Dental Hospital Sheffield.  Sorin is very experienced having placed and restored more than 500 implants during his career. 

Sorin brings with him his partner, Trudy Martin.  What a team!  They take real pride in their work and hugely enjoy helping patients regain their confidence!


Trudy started dental nursing in 2000.  She has worked in many different practices as a freelance dental nurse where she was also tasked with supervising and training trainee dental nurses, taking on the role of head nurse, first aider and or assistant practice manager.  Along the way, Trudy developed a special interest in implant dentistry and took the relevant special training where she gained her certificate for implant nursing. 


Sorin and Trudy work so well alongside each other professionally, and are partners in day to day life too.  In their spare time they play table tennis, go to the gym and enjoy skiing.  They also love spending time with their children.  We are so pleased and excited to have them on board!

The cost for the consultation is £100.  If you go ahead with the treatment, this consultation fee is taken off the cost of the treatment.


The implant cost is from £2500 per tooth however every case is different, and you will be quoted of course at the time of the consultation.  There may be additional procedures involved such as a bone graft or having a tooth removed in order to create the space for the implant to replace a tooth but of course we will discuss this all with you at your consultation. 


Sorin and Trudy can’t wait to meet you!

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