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Fissure Sealants

These are plastic coatings that are placed within the grooves of the back teeth to help protect them from decay. It flattens out the grooves to allow more effective brushing and acts as a fluoride reservoir adding a further layer of protection.

Delivering better oral health: an evidence-based toolkit for prevention is a document produced by the Department of Health to give a framework for dental professionals to provide the necessary preventative measures to groups of patients. Fissure sealants are a recognised preventative measure deemed necessary for children to have placed if recognised as having a higher risk of dental decay.

Children's Dentistry Southampton.jpg

Our lovely patient loving her hygiene appointment!  What a super star she is!

Fluoride Varnish

This can be painted onto areas of the teeth that the dentist feels needs extra protection. This should also be done routinely on all children’s back molars every 6 months to help prevent tooth decay (ref: delivering better oral health).

Children's Dentistry Southampton b.jpg

This is our youngest patient waiting for her first appointment!


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