Composite Bonding / Contouring

Composite bonding is a procedure which allows us to change the shape and colour of your teeth. 

The biggest advantage for this cosmetic option is that we do not need to remove any part of your tooth and it is reversible.  It is such a flexible option too.  We can close unsightly or unwanted gaps, disguise rotations or misshapen teeth, thicken areas that are translucent due to tooth wear or acid erosion.  It is such a versatile procedure that produces fantastic results.  

To check that you will like this treatment, we like to do a “mock up” on your teeth of what this will look like and whether it is achieving the results you want. We add some composite to your teeth in the desired shape and show you in the mirror so that you can see what it will look like.

Sometimes, the most subtle of changes is all that is needed to be happy and proud of your smile. Here are some of our lovely patients who have had this treatment done.

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