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Here are the top six reasons why you should visit the dental hygienist:-

Prevention - Many people have fillings, maybe some crowns, maybe a bridge and maybe even some teeth missing. If you come to see me, I can help you understand why this has happened and what you can do to try and prevent any further damage or tooth loss. Together we can customise your home care routine to help you do this.

The second reason you may need to see me is:

Gum disease - Healthy gums do matter. There are many studies which link your gum health to your heart health, diabetes, low birth weight and dementia. At your dental check-up you will be given a score which rates your gum health. When you come to see me, I can use this score to put you on a pathway of care to help improve your gum health. Treatment may be required to help stabilise the gum disease, which once completed, you may move to a maintenance phase, or you may need the extra help of a specialist.

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The third reason you may need to see me is:

Pre or post treatment – before or after some dental treatments it is necessary for you to have your teeth cleaned so that optimal results are achieved. If you are about to have teeth whitening or composite build-ups, then seeing me for a clean is essential. If you have had ‘QUICK STRAIGHT TEETH’ treatment, then once the brackets have been removed a clean and polish will enhance the results you achieved and you will walk away with a radiant smile and your teeth feeling amazing.

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Hygiene Dentist Southampton c.jpg

The fourth reason you may need to see me is:

Maintenance - You may be on one of our plans which enables you to have a check-up once or twice a year and one to four hygiene visits a year. The reason for this is maintenance. You may have gum disease which needs to be maintained every 3 months to help stabilise the disease progression or you may need the motivation of a few visits a year to help you with your oral health routine.

The fifth reason you may need to see me is:

Motivation - Having clean teeth is an excellent motivator. If they look good and feel good you’re more likely to want to look after them. We tailor our dental plans. This means if you would like to

spread the cost of a couple of hygienist visits a year you can have a HYGIENE plan. You can also see me directly for a hygiene visit whenever suits you, just give us a call to book.

And finally:

Clean Teeth - There is nothing nicer than having fabulously clean gleaming teeth. If you feel you have neglected your teeth or have some staining that is preventing you from smiling and looking and feeling your best, then why not come in and see me for a clean. Feeling confident when you smile should not be underestimated, it can be life changing.

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