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Every patient is different, so your plan should be too.  Not every patient needs to see the dentist twice a year, not every patient only needs one hygienist visit a year, so we have created a plan that is flexible to suit your needs and budget.

Of course, you are also in charge of how you would like to be cared for, so you can choose what suits you best.

Joining our membership plan gives you several benefits such as spreading the cost monthly for your routine oral health screening and oral hygiene visits.  You will also benefit from 10% off any treatment needed if you are a member of our practice plan, alongside worldwide emergency dental cover for when you are jetting off into the sunset.  On top of all of this, any emergency consultations are covered so there is no charge for the appointment when you are on our plans.

The beauty of the flexibility is also that you can change these plans at any time.  We would see you for your new patient consultation and advise which of the plans is the most suitable for your oral health needs.  However things do change, so you are able to change your plan if necessary.

Maintenance Plans

• 1 Oral Health Screening & 1 Hygiene appointment – £16.11

• 2 Oral Health Screening & 1 Hygiene appointment – £21.03

• 1 Oral Health Screening & 2 Hygiene appointment – £26.11

• 1 Oral Health Screening & 4 Hygiene appointment – £46.13


• 2 Oral Health Screening & 2 Hygiene appointment – £31.03

• 2 Oral Health Screening & 4 Hygiene appointment – £51.03


Hygiene Plans

• 2 Hygiene appointments – £21.20 

• 4 Hygiene appointments – £41.20


Children’s Plan

• £9.99 per month – 2 dental check ups and one hygienist visit a year including any preventative treatment such as fluoride application


Joining is simple!  We can do this for you while you are at the practice and we just have a bit of paperwork to do until you can rest easy knowing your oral health is taken care of.  Our insurance is provided by Lloyd & Whyte.*


If you have any questions, please contact us through the website or call us on 02380 639530 or email us on

*We cannot register you onto a plan without carrying out an initial consultation and oral health screening first.

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