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We did it! ……

The pictures speak for themselves. The building work is now finished, and the real work now begins! We are so thankful to Bluewood Interiors for such a splendid job helping us create this state-of-the-art dental clinic. We have been registered with the CQC and the clinic is now open for business.

Thank you to all our friends, family and colleagues for making such an effort to come to Ocean Village to celebrate our opening night. We were even joined by our youngest potential client, Maddie, who enjoyed being cuddled by many of our guests.

Monday the 9th May was our first official open day. We have been joined by Holly and Maddy, our first staff members, who will be with us to help welcome our new and existing patients, ensuring everyone’s experience with us is friendly, professional, relaxed and comfortable …… and maybe even a little bit fun!

Come on in ……

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