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One of the most common answers that patients give us when we ask

whether they are happy with their smile is that they would like a brighter

smile.  We are so lucky that materials and ability these days enable us to

lighten the colour of your smile without needing to remove a single piece

of your tooth tissue.  And even better, it’s often done in your own home

by you, you’re in the driving seat!


Not only are there aesthetic benefits to a whiter smile, but there are also

oral health benefits.  Carbamide peroxide has been shown to improve:

  • Better gum health – it increases the level of oxygen in the mouth

       hence improving blood flow to your gums

  • Improved oral hygiene – due to your teeth looking better it is going to

       encourage you to take much better care of your mouth especially as

       you are investing time money and care

  • Improved self esteem – you will feel much better about yourself as your confidence improves with an even more beautiful smile

  • Improvement of tooth decay on root surfaces that are not protected by enamel – a study carried out in 2007 showed a reduction in the level of tooth decay on root surfaces during and after tooth whitening


Tooth whitening is usually the first thing we recommend if you are unhappy with your smile. This is the least invasive

option to improve the look of your teeth. 


There are many different things that can cause discolouration of the teeth. 

  • Yellowing of the teeth – This is often associated with ageing, diet, smoking, and some foods and drinks can cause this type of discolouration. 

  • Medical problems - Unfortunately, some of us will have much more deep set stains caused by medical problems as an infant or child.  This can cause white opaque spots on the teeth.

  • Tetracycline – This is rarer these days, however some patients were prescribed this antibiotic long term to treat some medical conditions which unfortunately causes a banding type discolouration on the teeth which can be extremely difficult to live with for the patient.  We are able to reduce the appearance of these bands and possibly irradicate these completely.

  • Trauma – Some stains or pits and dimples can be caused by trauma as a child.  Even if the adult tooth has not yet grown into the mouth, simply banging the equivalent baby tooth can cause damage to the underlying developing adult tooth.  Also trauma can cause one or multiple teeth to “die” if knocked severely enough which can cause it to discolour at any point during the patients life.

  • Fluorosis – Some parts of the country have had the water “fluoridated”.  This means that fluoride has been added to the mains water supply to strengthen the teeth of that population.  Excessive exposure to this can cause white spots, yellow or orange spots.  They can also have pits in them.

Tooth whitening can be very simple for many patients, however some of these more complex cases require more closer monitoring and management.  We will assess what sort of category you would fall into and discuss your treatment needs to get you to where you want to be.  Smiling with much more confidence and with a brighter whiter set of pearly whites!

Tooth whitening can be carried out very simply with a home whitening system alone if you are suitable for this treatment. 

If you have higher needs and require a little more treatment to get you to where you would like to be, we will of course discuss with you.

More advanced tooth whitening cases may require additional treatment following the tooth whitening, such as microabrasion to smooth out any pits or dimples and to smooth out any white spots or defects.  We may also use a technique called “Resin Information”.  This is a technique where we flow a material into the whiter spots on a microscopic scale to fill in these small deficiencies.  Both of these techniques are non invasive and do not require any tooth removal.  Amazing!

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