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Want an instant beautifully white smile?  Look no further.


Here at Ocean Village Dental Clinic, we now provide in surgery tooth whitening.  This acts as a booster to get you on your way a little quicker so you will see instant results.  Perfect for those special occasions coming up at the weekend.

It involves a session in surgery and a blue light being shone onto your teeth while using a liquid dam to protect your soft tissues and gums, and the active ingredient is painted onto your teeth to enable the gel to do it’s magic.


You will still have to do a few days worth of whitening at home to fully set the new shade, but it means the colour instantly changes.

Zoom In Surgery Tooth Whitening Southampton.jpg
Zoom In Surgery Tooth Whitening Southampton b.jpg

Just look at that!  The shade tab is the whitest “natural” shade and we’ve managed to go even whiter than that.  Just in one session!  Amazing! 


Come and see if this is something we can do for you!


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