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Dental Veneers

A crown (also known as a “cap”) is something that is put over the top of your tooth for various reasons.  It can be used to rebuild a heavily broken down tooth if a filling is not the right treatment for the tooth, or to protect any remaining vulnerable tooth structure.  It is often also used to improve the seal of a tooth once it has been root treated, and can also be used to change the shape and shade of a tooth.  It involves shaping the tooth to create space for the crown, taking a mould of the tooth and fitting a temporary crown to the tooth.  The crown is made off site in a laboratory out of a choice of materials, usually ceramics.  Older fashioned crowns with a metal substructure with porcelain fired onto the top are still good options, however long term these can show a dark line around the join of the crown to the tooth which can be unsightly.  You may choose to have a gold crown, this is a fantastic material to use however again patients tend not to want these anymore due to their appearance.


A veneer is a front fascia or covering for a tooth. With a veneer, we are able to change the shape, colour and position of a tooth. Often, patients will have veneers for cosmetic reasons. It is a slightly more conservative way of restoring a tooth compared to a full coverage crown. To see if this is something you are suitable for, come in and see us! 


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