Dental Implants

Implants are a fixed option to replace missing teeth.

These can be done on an individual basis or as a bridge or even an implant retained denture. You may or may not be suitable for this option, we will assess and discuss with you whether this is an appropriate option for you. 

If you are a smoker or have previous gum disease, there may be limitations with this option.  It is very likely we will refer you for an x-ray of your entire jaws so that we can have a look at the height and quality of your bone and possibly also a 3D scan called a CBCT scan so that we are able to accurately plan the positioning, height and width of your implant to be placed if you are suitable. 

It involves the tooth or teeth being removed (if not already missing) and letting the area heal for at least 3 months. The implant is placed into the gum and left to heal for another 3 months.  Following this healing period, a tooth (or bridge or denture) is placed onto the implant which completes the restoration process.  An implant can sometimes be placed immediately at the stage of removing the tooth.  This will be discussed with you at your consultation. 

​This does involve maintenance such as good home care and regular hygiene visits and needs good long-term care for it to be successful. 

Here at Ocean Village Dental Clinic, we use Dentsply Sirona AstraTech EV Implants.  This is a German implant system with a long and high record of success.  For more information, please do not hesitate to ask us at your consultation. 

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