This treatment is carried out with Genosys Power solution and a DermaFix pen resulting in plump, rejuvenated, smooth and recontoured skin.

Multiple superficial puncture wounds are made on the skin using the pen. This releases growth factors that stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin.

The recovery is rapid with no residual pain or discomfort.  The benefits of this treatment are that it will suit all skin types.  It is safer than other ablative treatments, has minimal/no side effects or downtime, no post-light sensitivity, and rapid healing time and suitable for thin skin.

Treatable skin conditions for Microneedling 


Hyperpigmentation both hormonal and UV damage


Acne scarring including ice pick scarring takes less than ten minutes and is relatively painless


Closed acne lesions






Stretch marks

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A course of 3-6 treatments is recommended depending on the skin condition.  The treatment can be repeated every 4 weeks and can be used in conjunction with light therapy, to encourage healing, and the skin peel, to unclog the skin, before commencing a course of treatment for a bespoke package.

Products used; Genosys.  Skin-friendly formulations with no additions of ethanol, parabens, artificial fragrance, artificial pigment and mineral oils.