New patient reception area Ocean Village Dental Clinic

If you are anxious about your dental treatment due to a previous bad experience or you are a phobic patient, fear no more!

We can provide your dental treatment with sedation.  This is a way of treating you while you are in a much more relaxed state and you will not remember your treatment afterwards.  It is very safe and very relaxing and allows you to come to see us without any anxiety.

Dr Pat, our principal dentist and Amanda, our sedation dental nurse, will look after you and monitor you while you drift off and have your dental treatment carried out. We ask that you bring someone with you who can look after you for the rest of that day and that you don’t sign any important documents or drive or online shop for the rest of that day! Who knows what you might purchase!

To see if you are a suitable candidate and to discuss this further with us, please do come and see us for a consultation and we can discuss this in much more detail with you and see if this is the right option for you.

It’s time to book.